Candidate Tips


Keep it brief - 2 pages of great information gives the reader enough to want to meet you.

Make it relevant - Tailor your CV to each application to point employers to your most relevant skills

Include Achievements - Go on sell yourself , include your results. Everyone loves to see your £££ impact and what a great place to start an interview.

Proof it - Spelling mistakes , obvious untruths and unexplained gaps could rule you out in the first screen.


Research - Find out all you can about the company and hiring manager. Snip its of info can work wonders.

Prepare yourself - Run through your experience project by project. Think about your methods , results and impact. Its this project experience that demonstrates your competencies in tough interviews.

Ask questions - Interviewing works both ways. Ask good questions about the role or company and culture. Use the discussions to highlight your relevant experience.

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